Surestrike International

Surestrike mechanical breakers are the simple, low cost and dependable solution for breaking materials such as oversize rock, slag, concrete and in-ground rock.

The Surestrike team of experienced industry professionals, including owners and operators, have developed a line of mechanical impact hammers that effectively break material without the use of drop balls or high frequency hydraulic hammers. Surestrike breakers are effectively used to break the hardest rock such as granite, iron ore, basalt and field stone. Softer rock such as gypsum and limestone are easily broken without tools becoming stuck. The Surestrike hammers have the power to effectively break slag and steel. Concrete is effectively demolished and the high single blow impact energy, causes the rebar or reinforcement wire to be separated from the concrete, eliminating costly secondary steps.


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The key to producing the lowest cost per ton when breaking oversize or in place material is to properly determine the correct size of hammer for the job. Factors such as the type of material, size, hardness and location need to be considered. Surestrike hammers are available in a variety of impact energy sizes for the many different applications found in the field. This benefit ensures the proper hammer for the application at the most economical price. When breaking smaller softer rock and moderate concrete demolition, the model SS25 is your best choice. If the application is larger rock, breaking cast iron or medium duty concrete demolition, the model SS40 should be considered. To effectively break hard rock or airport runways, the model SS50 will meet or exceed expectations. In large, tough material or slag applications, the SS80 should be considered. In very tough oversize, very heavy concrete demolition or slag applications, the SS110 is a good choice. In the biggest, toughest and hardest rock, slag, iron ore or massive concrete demolition applications, the model SS150 should be the hammer of choice.